Reef Knot #


The Reef knot is used for:

  • First aid – to tie a sling,
  • Tying parcels.

Sheet Bend #


The Sheet bend is used to:

  • Join two ropes – especially if the ropes are of different thickness.

Round turn and 2 half hitches #

Round turn & 2 half hitches

The Round Turn and 2 Half Hitches is a basic knot for attaching a rope to a pole.

Sheep Shank #

The Sheepshank is used to shorten or strengthen a rope.

PPC5-Sheep shank.png

Clove Hitch #

PPC5-Clove hitch.png

The Clove hitch is used to:

  • start a square lashing.
  • end all lashings.

Bowline #


The Bowline is known as “the Queen of Knots”.

Used to make a non-slip loop in the end of a rope.

Timber Hitch #

PPC5-timber hitch.png






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